Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day Again!!

I have no idea why these pictures are sideways, they are not that way in my camera. I tried to re-do it twice and it's not right... so just turn your head to view them:))

Wyatt in his snowpants!

Well... it's another snow day with no nurses, parents, or husband. Just Wyatt, Chloe, and I. Wyatt is definitely getting out of the family room while it's just me around. He hangs out in my bed room while I take a shower, he plays in Chloe's room while she gets ready for the day, and comes outside to play in the snow!! I got out the jogging stroller, put on his snow pants (Chloe's snow pants from last year... they are brown, but don't tell Wyatt that they are pink inside:)) and put on all Chloe's gear.... 30 minutes later...we were all dressed and ready to play outside! I pushed Wyatt in the jogging stroller and pulled Chloe in the sled. Our driveway is all ice and my dog was barking at us... I am pretty sure it was a very funny site to see:))) We walked to Addy and Ben's house to play and their mom invited us inside for an impromptu play date. Wyatt had a great time playing with Ben and Chloe enjoyed playing with Addy, who is only 15 days younger than Chloe. They were both really tired when we got home because Wyatt fell asleep as I was changing his diaper and Chloe feel asleep right after lunch. They are sleeping now and even though I should be cleaning, I am blogging instead:)) I love snow days!!

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