Monday, February 9, 2009

First Ever Blog Give Away!!

Picture from the website

This is the one I am giving away-

I am having my first ever blog give away!!! Since I am now a reader of many blogs, I have noticed that some blogs host give aways. So I am giving something away to say thank you for always reading, supporting, and caring about Wyatt and Chloe. As you may know, I use the "MomAgenda" for my calendar. I am giving away "MyAgenda" to any reader who does ONE or more of the following-

1. Donate towards Crabbing for Cash Fundraiser that supports the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. (If you have already donated, you are in the drawing). The CDH Mom's formed a team and we are currently in the lead!!!

2. OR post a comment on this blog with a message to Wyatt and/or Chloe. I am planning on making this blog into a nice book using and giving a copy to Wyatt and Chloe when they are older. They will enjoy reading your comments about them!

3. OR for TWO Chances to win- Donate and write a comment:)

* please include your e-mail or blog on the comment so that I can contact you if you are the winner. I'll need to get your address to mail it to you.

* I understand that times may be tough so don't feel obligated to donate... you can also just write a comment. No purchase necessary to win:) I will draw a name on Valentine's Day and the winner will be announced by next Monday. The winner will recieve their MyAgenda in the standard mail. Good luck and don't forget to leave a comment:))))

* Tell your friends!!! Donations go towards a worthy cause- Johns Hopkins Children's Center. They do great things...just look at Wyatt.

The features of a MyAgenda-

Not just for moms!
Unique week-at-a-view format. Monthly views too.
Space for all your appointments, plus four extra spaces per day for important areas of your life.
Stylish, stain-resistant color- Ivory.
17-month calendar runs from August 2008 through December 2009.
A $33.99 Value, brand new, still in the package!
Size 5x7x1


Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

I'm not entering myself, I just wanted to thank you for the suggestion. I ordered an agenda and it's wonderful! Just what I need to keep track of everything :)

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea to get the attention of all of your blog lurkers out there and to establish a sense of community at your blog. I don't want to be entered either -- I'm your sister, you know I'm against agendas -- but I still will donate and write a comment to Wyatt and Chloe. Wyatt- It brings so many happy emotions to see how CDH affected you when you were little, and to where it is bringing you now. It is a slow recovery, but most importantly, it is a recovery. It really has contributed to the person you are today: sweet, patient, calm, shy and happy. Chloe - you are just as great and loving minus the patience and calmness. Girlfriend, you've got some attitude! When I ask you who your best friend is, you say, "da nelle!" You have a great sense of humour already; you know when to joke and when to be serious. You are changing so much these days, but still laughing and smiling all the way!

Laura said...

You are one-of-a-kind, Gina. I want Wyatt and Chloe to know that about their mom. I'm not entering either, because I already got a Mom Agenda for my birthday...thanks to your suggestion. I LOVE IT! I get comments on it all the time at work. Thank you, Gina!

Laura H.

Laura said...

I don't need to be entered either, Gina! But I do have to tell you....I follow a lot of blogs, but I always read yours first! :) It always brightens my day and strengthens my faith to see how well Wyatt continues to progress, and to see what a fantastic family you have.

Vicki Jensen said...

What a cool idea! I have to also check out that website to convert a blog into a book. I made Jack a book of his CarePage but it only goes through his 6th month of life.