Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wyatt's X-Ray

Yesterday Wyatt's surgeon's office called to say that his chest x-ray was unchanged compared to November's x-ray. This was good news because that means he did not reherniate and that the brown spit up was probably reflux. However, I called the pediatrician today to get exactly what the report said and this is what I got....

"AP and lateral chest, 1419 hrs: Comparison is made with the prior exam of
11/29/08. The lungs again show increased interstitial markings in a
chronic pattern. Cerclage wires at the left pulmonary base posteriorly
are again seen and appear unchanged. There is no sign of any
intrathoracic bowel gas. The heart size remains normal.
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt tubing traverses the right hemithorax.
Gastrostomy tube is noted."

So this is a normal chest x-ray for Wyatt:)) He has a few extra things in his chest such as wire, three patches, and shunt tubing.

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Anonymous said...

That is hard to understand. What does "increased interstitial markings in a chronic pattern" mean?