Monday, June 29, 2009

I have a great role model!

My mom is truly the greatest person I have ever met. Not only does she love me unconditional and is the most selfless person I ever met, she is a wonderful grandmother. She loves Chloe and Wyatt like they are her own children. She spends hours babysitting any time of the day/night (even after a long day of work) for us and drives an hour to my house at a drop of the hat. Some how all our laundry and bathrooms get cleaned too??? She is a super hero!! I want to thank her with all my heart for all the endless hours she spends with us. We would not be able to do half the things we do, it it wasn't for her!! Thanks for babysitting today Mom!!

Not another picture Mom!!

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Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Yay for moms (and moms-in-law)! I couldn't have made it without mine.