Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Fun!

Since Wyatt will be getting surgery June 25th and will be missing about a week of our summer... we decided to start summer fun early!! In the past couple of days we have attended two cookouts, a carnival, a circus, and a princess tea party. The carnival was fun because Chloe rode on three rides for the first time all by herself and enjoyed every minute. At one point I spotted her dancing on the wiggly worm ride. Wyatt loved the lights, music, and all the people and I spotted him clapping and laughing. Tonight we attended the coolest circus. It was at the local fair grounds under a big top tent just like the old days. We saw elephants, tigers, clowns, etc... everything a big circus would have but we got to sit up close to the performers and experience a true big top experience! Wyatt was in a great mood and kept saying "elephant." Chloe had a good time too!! Also, Wyatt was a guest speaker at our local high school in the child development class. Susan and I had a chance to talk about CDH, therapy for Wyatt, and Wyatt showed his personality by putting on my sunglasses and saying, "cool!!" to the students and waving and saying good bye. Unfortunately... my camera battery needs to be recharged so I got no photos of the past few days... but we had a good time!!

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