Monday, August 31, 2009

My two 26 pounders!!

Is it really true?? Wyatt officially weighs more than Chloe!! Chloe's weight at her three year appointment today was 26 lbs 4 oz and Wyatt's weight was 26 lbs 12 oz. Chloe's weight puts her in the 25% and her height at 35 1/2 inches makes her in the 10%. Wyatt is in the 50% range. Chloe did not enjoy her three year appointment... but Wyatt had a good time watching his sister. Wyatt is a little better but not himself at all... our doctor seems to think it's a virus that has to run its course and if he is not better by Friday, then bring him in for blood work, etc.... Dr. G did check Wyatt for the flu virus and so far it's negative. He wants to rule out H1N1... I think Wyatt wants ALL my hair to turn gray! I think Wyatt might be all better by Friday, especially now he knows blood work is the next plan:))

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Maria said...

I hope he feels better soon. Don't worry lots of sick people are getting tested for H1N1 as a precaution. As soon as the vaccine is approved Wyatt will be one of the first target populations. Hopefully he will be his old self real soon. Ear infections are rough. Hang in there :)