Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Here is just a few pictures, more to come later of our Halloween. It's the first time ever we spent Halloween as a family. Wyatt was in the hospital one year, my sister got married in Mexico last year, and finally this year, we are together! We started early today by carving pumpkins with Aunt Danielle and a visit from my Mom and Grandmom. Then Benji's parent's came over and I made a big pot of chili for everyone! Trick or Treating is so much fun in our neighborhood. It's like a huge party on the street. Chloe had a great time trick or treating for the first time... then after the kiddies went to bed, I went to the coolest gig ever... Benji's band played at a barn party. Each member of the band dressed up as one of the Adam's family. Benji was Cousin It. They sounded the best ever and the stage was so cool... full of cobwebs on a loft. It's late so I will share more later:) Good night and Happy Halloween!

Coolest Gig ever... Benji's Band as the Adam's Family!

It's Super Why flying through the air!!!

Carving pumpkins with Aunt Danielle

Trick or Treating... (I don't know why the photos are sideways?? It's not like that when I post them)

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