Thursday, December 3, 2009

ECMO Holiday Reunion

We were honored to be invited to the ECMO Holiday Reunion this year. Only 40 kids this past year were on ECMO at Hopkins, so we feel privileged to be part of this "elite" group! We thought we found the "party room" but we went to the wrong place. Benji laughed and thought I had the wrong date and we were about to turn around to go home. Who shows up??? Dr. Berkowitz! He saved the day for the second time! He thought it was in the location where we were waiting. We both laughed and since he has connections, he made a phone call and he led us in the right direction! On our way, we bumped into Dr. Abudallah, who came to the party just to see Jack and Wyatt, and we bumped into Wyatt's buddy Jack. It was a great reunion, especially to see all the important people that played a part into saving Wyatt's life. First, Dr. Berkowitz was the doctor who treated Wyatt first in the PICU, put him on ECMO, administered CPR when he went into cardiac arrest, and followed him through his entire ECMO journey... even when he was no longer the attending physician. Dr. Abdullah and Dr. Chandler (who is now in Florida and we miss her very much!!)repaired Wyatt's hernia and stayed up with him all night after surgery, soaking up blood, putting in a chest tube at his bedside, and quickly thinking to give him Factor 7 to stop all the bleeding. We owe it to these doctors for making the quick, intelligent, and often risky decisions to save his life. We also have to give Dr. Fackler a big thanks for helping Wyatt get off ECMO. We also saw our good friends Vicki, James, and their two kids- Jack and his sister Anika (who is super cute!). I owe it to Vicki for being my mentor through this journey. Jack is doing wonderful and is running around everywhere:)) Maybe he will rub off on Wyatt:))hint, hint... We also met a nice family whose son is currently in the NICU because of CDH. After four long months, he is being discharged tomorrow. I am sure next year, we will get to meet him at the party! Click here to read about the party of 2008.

The hottest invite in town.... 40 people this year were on ECMO and about 50 percent survive...

Some of our favorite docs... Dr. A and Dr. B

Wyatt with his buddy Jack and the doctor that saved their lives.- Dr. A

Wyatt with his present from Santa

Santa came to visit! and he brought all the kids presents!! (my kids did not want to sit on his lap)

Jack and Wyatt

Chloe was a good sport even though so much attention went to Wyatt during the party.

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what an awesome reunion!