Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wyatt's PT Boot Camp

We have one more day of Wyatt's PT Boot Camp at KKI.  The first week was heartbreaking.. he cried for an hour each time and held his hands out saying "Mommy" for me to hold him. He was so scared.  But I said I would stick with it.. and I am so glad I did because the second week we had a breakthrough and he loved every second of it... especially his therapist Lacy who he ask for a kiss from at the conclusion of each session:)) such a ladies man!  He has been making GREAT progress.  His favorite activity is riding the bike.  Lacy is terrific!  She focuses on four things with Wyatt- sitting, crawling, climbing, and standing.  Wyatt knows he needs to accomplish all four of them before going home.  Our last session Wyatt said, "I want to stay!"  Again, Wyatt never fails in anything he tries.  He tackles a challenge with the best attitude and gives his 100 percent effort.  He overcomes his fears and I am so very proud of him.  Here are some pics of the past week.  Sometimes I have to remind myself he is only 2 years old, because he has overcome so much in his life so far.

Wyatt's reward- a Happy Meal... he doesn't really eat, but we give him all the food we eat and he loves putting it in his mouth and then usually spits in out.  I am hoping one day he will swallow it.  That will be another therapy, but for right now, he is enjoying his burger!


Laura said...

KKI looks like an amazing facility. I can see why Wyatt has learned to enjoy it! As usual, Wyatt inspires us all. Congratulations to all for sticking with it!

Jen said...

I continued to be inspired to tears by Wyatt's amazing strength and character. He is such an amazing little warrior. Go Wyatt!