Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thomas and other things...

I am back!  Thanks to my sister for posting the Ladew Garden post.  I have been so busy lately that I have been ignoring my blog.  I seem to be posting more on fb than blogspot, but this is the place where I document my family happenings so I really want to post more.   My plans this summer is to re-design the blog template and name to be more of a family blog.  A few weeks ago we went to the B&O Railroad Museum to visit Thomas the Train.  It was a wonderful day!  Everything fun we do, seems to revolve around Chloe's interest. The visit to see Thomas was because Wyatt loves trains.  His favorites are Percy, James, and Thomas- he knows them all!  Chloe's favorite is Rosie.  I will never forget Wyatt's face when we walked into the museum and he saw the "real" Thomas for the first time.  He was so excited!!!  He kept pointing at Thomas saying "Mommy-look!!!"  It was AMAZING to him.  We spent a full day and it was money well spent!  The kids enjoyed train rides, magic show, moon bounce, balloon animals, characters, and the list goes on!   Thanks to my sister for joining us since Benji was away.
Here comes Thomas!!
Chloe got a pink flower and Wyatt got a blue airplane.
Inside the Round House
Wyatt's first ride without his sister or parents.  He loved it!

Wyatt is so interested in Thomas, that I don't have any pictures of him looking at the camera!

Other happenings- 
  • Wyatt can now go down the steps on his bottom all my himself (he gives me gray hair in doing so)
  • Wyatt knows all his colors, he calls our nurse "honey", and can say 5 or more word sentences.  His language is taking off, now if only his feet will take off and walk!
  • We are doing an intense PT program over the summer at KKI.
  • We enrolled Wyatt in preschool for next year.
  • Chloe has an imaginary friend named Millie who does everything she does.  I was a little worried, but after reading this article, it puts my mind at rest and now I am happy she has a little friend:)
  • We had a big community yard sale and I sold all my big stuff that has been taking up so much room!
  • I had the best Mother's Day ever!!  It's so much more fun when your kids get excited about it!  Chloe and Wyatt gave me two "mommy" necklaces- one with a heart and thier birth stones, and one with a mother and two children.  Benji made me an awesome homemade brunch and we went to Ladew Gardens with my mom and sister- one of my favorite childhood memories!  But my favorite gifts of all were watching the kids excitement all day when they would say "Happy Mothers Day" and give me homemade gifts like these:
In preschool, Chloe made this stepping stone-

At Gabby's house Chloe made this-

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Danielle said...

Millie is a cute name for an imaginary friend. Yes, you need a blog lift, I'm getting tired of the plaid.