Tuesday, June 8, 2010

End of the School Year

Summer is around the corner!  I love summer!  It's my favorite season! The end of the school year is always  very exciting, especially since I am a teacher!  It's even more exciting now that Chloe gets to celebrate it too.  Her very first preschool year was the BEST ever!  All my goals for her were accomplished.  My goal was for her to LOVE school and want to go all the time.  She loved every second of it, never cried and got super excited every time it was a school day.  She also made friends and became more social. Her end of the year celebration was held at a park where the kids sang songs and played on the playground together.  Chloe really enjoyed playing with her friends.  Thank you to my grandmother, Pop-Pop, Mom-mom, and Aunt Danielle for attending.  Next year Chloe and Wyatt will be in school together! Click here for her first day of school picture-

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