Saturday, April 9, 2016

One more day....

Always an adventure with Wyatt!  He has been complaining of headaches and had double vision this morning and a weaker left side (he's left handed and can not pick up the fork to eat or can not walk unassisted).  We were planning on going home pending results of an MRI today.  The doctor just came in to talk with us to explain what's going on - first the good news... the fluid in the spine is decreasing, so the stent is working!  The headache pain is caused by swelling from the vein/artery that was cut.  Also, he has fluid under his skull.  It will take a couple of weeks for the fluid to get absorbed and the swelling to go down but it will get better.  He asked us to stay one more night for observation. Overall, his doctor  is very happy that the fluid in the spine is already decreasing.  

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