Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A few blogs I read

CDH News- We welcome Addison who arrived yesterday!! She is on the oscillating vent and maintaining her stats. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Click here to view her blog.

I am all about saving money and I just wanted to share a few blogs that I read that focus on saving money.

Money Saving Mom, Crystal, the blog author also has a few other interesting blogs to check out.
Couponing 101
Freebies for Mom
The best place for free samples- click here for the surprise! (I just got the babywipe free sample).

I also just joined the Simple Mom book club and purchased her first three books. Wish me luck!!!

Other blogs I read that are inspiring for Moms
Nie Nie - Stephanie was in a plane crash and was burned severely. You may of heard her story on the news.
Carol Decker - a mom who lost her limbs and sight while giving birth from an infection.

A few Super Moms-
Planted by Streams
Mt. Hope Chronicles
Terps in Memphis
Tot School

You should surround yourself with positive people and the above blogs are full of positive energy!!!

Wyatt News- Wyatt had a fever of 101 and took an earlier than usual nap today. We gave him Motrin and called the doctor. The doctor said to wait 24 hours and see what happens. Wyatt is now his happy self and I hope he stays that way!!! Maybe it was just something normal like teething???

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Laura said...


I read Animal, Vegetable Miracle this fall. It is fantastic! I want to join a farm co-op now. I'm searching. You'll be inspired. :)

Laura H