Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I hear siblings try to be different... here are pictures of them at the same age. Last December 07, Chloe was 16 month's old, the age Wyatt is now. Here is a slide show of her at the same age Wyatt is now. It is weird for me to look at since Wyatt can not crawl or walk yet... but I know that time is coming soon:) Wyatt has the most gorgeous hair. It's thick and wavy and gets real curly when it's wet. Chloe's hair is the complete opposite. It's perfectly straight (an still pretty). How different they are... but both still very perfect. Below are pictures of the both of them at 16 months old.

Wyatt's wet hair after his bath

Chloe at 16 month's old

Back of Wyatt's head after his bath...look at all the curls!

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