Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go away fever!!!

Since last Wednesday, Wyatt has not been himself. He has been running a low grade fever every day. We took him to the doctor on Thursday and was told it's a virus. Since Benji had the stomach bug at the same time, we thought it is a virus. However, every morning and night and after a nap Wyatt will have a fever of 100 or 101. We give him Motrin and he is fine, back to his old self. This evening he fell asleep at 6:30pm which is earlier than his normal 8pm bedtime. Around 7:30pm, he awoke with a heart rate of 180 (normal awake is 140/ asleep is 110) and a fever, but his oxygen was fine. I just don't know what to do?? Our next step will be the ER, but I would like to avoid it, if this is just a virus. I guess we will wait and see how he is tomorrow. I just want Wyatt to feel better so that he can enjoy the same things that Chloe enjoys like going to music programs, playing outside, etc... After tonight's episode occurred, I checked my e-mail and my friend, Maria sent me the picture below... so I take this as a sign that everything will be ok since she has been by Wyatt's side from the very beginning:)) Please pray for Wyatt to feel better.

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