Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We are still here waiting in the same spot and waiting for test results. This is what we know so far. Wyatt's blood work showed that his white blood cell count is 29,000 which is really high and shows inflammation or infection. His white blood cell count is normally high between 19,000-33,000 and normal baby high is 10,000 (I think off the top of my head). The doctor consulted with the hematologist because I was worried about Leukemia but it looks like the differential count (???) is normal which is a good sign!! That is what I love about Hopkins, the ER doc can talk with the hemo doc after 5pm!!(We do have an appointment on April 29th with the hematologist to find out the reason for this high white blood cell count though). Apparently trauma and stress can cause a high white blood cell count and chronic lung disease will cause this too (which Wyatt has). Basically Wyatt was tested for everything- RSV, Flu, Urine culture, blood, x-ray. We are still waiting for RSV, flu, and urine. No answers yet... he did fall asleep and I am just sitting here:))

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