Monday, February 2, 2009

Wyatt's Stats

On Jan. 29th Wyatt had a check up by his pediatrician. His stats are as follows

Height- 31 1/2 inches- 8th %
Weight- 21 lb 4 oz- 10th % (this increased from 3% to 5% to now 10%)
Head Circumference- 43 1/2 cm - 2%

On a side note, I think I should by stock in Carters. Since cleaning out Wyatt's dresser of 12 month clothes, we only had two of our favorite type of outfits- the ones that snap all the way, sleep and play with no feet. Today I went to the Carter Outlet after looking on-line and all the stores near me. I found them for $3.99 so I bought two of every outfit in 24 months so that he has room to grow. I felt like I struck gold!! Carters is the only brand I found that makes the sleep in play with no feet which is great for kids attached to tubes and machines. It makes dressing and undressing very easy. It also provides easy access to the g-tube and pulse ox probe too.

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Liz and Shane Nelson said...

thanks for the post. I appreciate the support and input from you.
I love the Carters outlet near our house too. If there is ever anything you can't find near your outlet let me know I will look for it near ours.