Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a day!

This morning I awoke at 6am from the nurse calling "Gina, can you come down here please." AND Chloe walking out of her room two hours before her normal time she awakes. So Benji took Chloe and I went downstairs to discover that Wyatt spit up brown blood and it was also in his g-tube. Luckily, we had an appointment scheduled with his surgeon at 9:15am and his pediatrician at 11:30am today. So Susan and I left at 7:30am for the one hour trip to Hopkins. Two hours later through the rush hour traffic and light snow, we arrived:) Then we waited for another hour. When 10:30am arrived I told the receptionist we had another appt. at 11:30pm about 20 minutes away. So we bypassed the student doctors asking Wyatt's medical history to Dr. A himself! (since Hopkins is a teaching hospital, we always encounter student doctors who are learning the trade and ask for Wyatt's medical history). Anyway, Dr. A wanted to examine Wyatt. As I was removing Wyatt's pants, I pulled out the entire g-tube!!! Bummer... we had an extra g-tube in the diaper bag, Wyatt was screaming, and Dr. A examined him while we replaced the g-tube. It was totally chaotic and I didn't even ask half the questions I wanted to. He did tell us to come back in another month. I gave Wyatt Tylenol and he seemed fine. Dr. A ordered a chest x-ray to make sure everything was in the right place since his brown spit up. However, we didn't have time for the x-ray...so we then packed Wyatt up and we to our next appointment with his pediatrician, nursing agency, and our insurance agency. All went well and we had much to talk about. Wyatt needs to see the following specialities between now and summer- hematologist to find out why he has a high white blood cell count, eye doctor to just check his vision, and othroto check his spine. This is all routine of CDH babies (except the blood doc) to just double check everything. We really don't have concerns at this time. We then packed Wyatt up and headed back to Hopkins for his chest x-ray. We arrived at home at 4:30pm and tomorrow I can call and find out the results of the x-ray. Wyatt was awesome all day... he had an exam from Dr. A, his g-tube was pulled out, and he was strapped to a table for an x-ray...how scary and he handled it all with grace and was happy most of the day. He only slept about 30 minutes because he was entertained by his wonderful nurse Susan and myself:) Also, I just have to say that Wyatt has the BEST care team in the world. The meeting at the peditricians office was great. Everyone is on the same page, took their time with us, and goes over and beyond what is required. They really care about Wyatt and is progress and that is one of the reasons why he is doing so well. On a side note, as you may know, one of my goals is for Wyatt to start moving... well I noticed this evening that when he sits on the floor and wants to move around, he will "scoot" his little behind and move about a foot. He is such a trooper and a good sport! It was a long and tiring day! I even had the opportunity to pay for parking twice at Hopkins today:((

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry that you had to have such a hectic day. I am glad that Susan was with you and you didn't have to do that by yourself.Did you tell Wyatt he was "early" for both Valentine's Day and President's Day? I hope the dark blood turns out to be a minor, non-repeated incident.....I will have to come visit to witness the butt-scooting for myself...sounds adorable! I just know he will be up and crawling before you can blink.....patv