Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Check up day!

We started the day with Team Wyatt helping us to get ready and out the door by 6:30am... well more like 6:45am. Kathy who filled in for our night nurse helped pack Wyatt up, Susan our day nurse arrived early to help and come along with me to the appointments. Benji woke up early to get Chloe ready which allowed me to get ready since I was going to work after the appointments. We arrived for our 8am appointment at Hopkins on time. Chloe was so good while Wyatt was getting checked out by Dr. A, his surgeon. Dr. A reviewed Wyatt's chest x-ray from the ER visit on Feb. 25th and he said he was a little concerned... that he saw a pocket of air between the esophagus and his diaphragm. The actual report said it was probably a hiatal hernia which were already new Wyatt had from his reflux study last year. However, Dr. A seems to think it could be a possible reherniation for the fourth time. He also said that if it was that he would do a muscle flap surgery which would entail a more complicated surgery and he would have another surgeon in the operating room with him. We have to return in a month with another chest x-ray for follow-up. This is not alarming me at all... I really think it's a hiatal hernia that Wyatt has had his entire life. It's when the stomach protruds near the esophagus at times and could cause heartburn or acid reflux. If it's minor, surgery is not needed. Many people have this condition and are unaware of it. Wyatt is the best ever now... so happy and making great strides. He is not symptomatic and his Feb. 5th x-ray did not show this. A CT Scan would give us an answer, but Dr. A does not want to do that just yet. If Wyatt is not symptomatic, then I want to avoid surgery. Who knows, next month's x-ray may be just fine! Just when we are out of the hospital and Wyatt has the most energy ever, I hear this news... but we will wait and see and like always, Wyatt will keep us on our toes. After Hopkins were jetted off to the pediatrician’s office about 20 minutes away. We were an hour and half early and they agreed to see us early!!! Chloe had her 2 1/2 year check up. She was such a good girl! She did not cry during her Hep A. shot and only cried a little while getting weighed. She is currently 25 lbs and is in the 25th percentile for weight. She got three Dora stickers for doing so great! Wyatt weighed in at 22 lbs and received his RSV shots (one in each leg).

That's all for now... we are just trying to keep Wyatt healthy by giving him neub treatments every four hours and we also give him 10 cc's of pediltye about every four hours in addition to his normal formula to help keep him hydrated.


linda said...

I have been praying for Wyatt and Jack for a long time now. I enjoy keeping up with their progess. They are amazing little guys. I am very upset tonight to find out that I can't keep up with Jack any longer :( How sad.

Liz and Shane said...

I hope and pray Wyatt's xrays in a month are fine. Nayeli gets her RSV shot on monday. Do they start giving one each leg when they are older? she only gets one.

Vicki Jensen said...

I hope that everything is fine with Wyatt's xray. I don't think Jack and Wyatt will ever let Fizan rest easy...poor guy!

I can't believe Wyatt is 22 pounds. Jack outweighs him by only a few ounces now.

If you know who Linda is (comment above) tell her to email me and I can give her access. I'm just trying to keep track of who goes on but I don't mind letting folks who follow him regularly continue to do so.

Talk to ya soon!

linda said...

This is Linda again---how do I email Vickie?