Sunday, March 29, 2009


At two and half, Chloe's imagination is soaring. It is fun to watch her role play with her Little People with various voices. She role plays every where... especially when she is in the bath tub. She has a Daddy Duck, Mommy Duck, and Baby Duck and pretends that they walk to the park, swim, go on a boat, etc... Bath time is exhausting for me:)) In the pictures below Princess Chloe (don't tell her she has her princess crown backwards) is riding her horse (Wyatt's Leap Frog Toy). After she stops, she lets Prince Wyatt pet the horse. I just love when they play nicely together:) This is refreshing to watch, because moments before this Wyatt pushed Chloe and then Chloe pushed Wyatt back and I had to tell them to be nice to each other. I guess it's just the beginning!

Saturday afternoon activities:
Princess Chloe and Prince Wyatt and their horse (don't you see all that???)

Princess Chloe riding her horse with her princess crown backwards:)

Princess Chloe and Prince Wyatt petting the horse

Princess Chloe tells Prince Wyatt that he is allowed to pet her horse now:)

Sunday Update:
This morning Wyatt had brown stuff again in his spit up and when we vented him. We put him on Pedilyte for four hours and that seemed to do the trick. We have our x-ray and appointment with the surgeon on April 14th. The surgeon seems to think Wyatt reherniated again so we will find out on the 14th. A few weeks ago, I thought no way, but now with the brown stuff and spitting up more often it could be. If so, Wyatt would have a more complex surgery which involves using a muscle flap from his back to build a diaphragm and more surgeons in the OR. So I am really hoping these past episodes are just a symptoms from GERD... you can read about GERD on Carter's blog. Kellie describes GERD and the frustrations that go along with it very nicely.

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