Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow Day Pics

Here are some more pictures of the snowday last Monday. My "add a picture" feature was not working on my blog, but now it is, so I thought I add all the photos from the past week. Chloe took her little pink shovel outside to help her Daddy shovel our driveway.

CDH News-

Also, if you follow Jack Jensen's blog, it is now private. Jack's mom Vicki is happy to share his blog with you if you still like to continue to follow Jack. I received a few inquires about how to get access. Just e-mail me at saying that you would like access and I will forward the information to Vicki.

Continue to pray for Addison who was placed on ECMO and is currently trailing off.

Hopkins contacted me and would like to do a story on Wyatt. I suggested they do a story on Wyatt, Jack, and Andrew and our new CDH support group. They seemed very interested in it.... so look for a Hopkins publication of our little fighters and new group in the near future!!!

Can you find Chloe in this pic? She is trying to shovel with her little pink shovel... she has a lot to do!

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