Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wyatt and his backpack

Wyatt isn't off to school just yet... he is sporting his food-pump backpack. Now that Wyatt is getting more mobile, he is gets all tangled up in his cords and we are following him with the IV pole everywhere. So today he is wearing the backpack with out the pump to get use to it, which he has no problem wearing and then tomorrow we will put the pump inside of it. I think it's about 2 lbs. This will allow him to move around with out getting all tangled up. This morning when Benji was taking him out of his high chair, his connector to his g-tube got caught on something and the entire balloon pulled out of him. He didn't cry at all. In fact he was his normal smiley self. Since we are now experienced g-tubers, we cleaned the area and put a new one in. Last day of steroids and Wyatt is still not napping:))) We'll see what tomorrow brings:))


Anonymous said...

Looks like it might be a "crawling" kind of week to me! what a wonderful trooper Wyatt is...and what perfect parents you are...and with a cool, calm, creative sister like Chloe it all adds up to a fabulous family!

LORI said...

Wyatt looks so handsome and happy and well! Love the new big boy back pack :)

Vicki Jensen said...

Cool backpack Wyatt!