Friday, May 1, 2009

Wyatt's Learning box

Recently Wyatt had his Infant and Toddler review meeting. It was suggested that Wyatt play with more developmental age appropriate toys such as a block sorters, rings, tea party, brushing the pony's hair, books about shapes, animals, and body parts. Wyatt has many toys but what he enjoys the most is THROWING them. We are working on playing together such as playing tea party rather than throwing the cup across the room (what boy wants to play tea party??), brushing My Little Pony's tail, putting blocks in a sorter, putting rings on a stick, practicing animal sounds, body parts, and shapes. So I created a Learning Box. I purchased age-appropriate toys and books for Wyatt. Since so many people work with Wyatt such as Susan, his nurse, parents, therapists, Chloe, grandparents... I wanted a consistent "curriculum" for him. The rules are that only one toy comes out of the box at a time and to make it fun by avoiding say "No" when he throws it (he is very sensitive and cries when you say no). So far it's working... we just had our assessment and cognitively Wyatt is on target for his age range so OT therapy was reduced from once a week to every other week. Physically, he is age 6-9 months since he is not walking, crawling, or pulling up. He is however a very fast "scooter" and "runs" all throughout the house. This seems much more efficient than crawling, so I don't know if he will ever crawl??? PT is still once a week and we love our therapist, Patty. Wyatt knows all his animal sounds, knows the parts of the face, and we are currently working on colors and shapes with him. He has a very hoarse raspy voice due to the paralyzed vocal cord but he likes to repeat everything you say. His favorite words are "no", "Chloe" "Abby", and "wait." He also loves to blow kisses and say and wave "bye,bye." He is the entertainer during dinner time and makes Chloe laugh by putting his spoon in his mouth side-ways and dance around in his high-chair. I have a funny feeling that he is going to be the class clown!!

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