Sunday, June 21, 2009

Longest Surgery = Quickest Stay

We are glad to be home and want to thank the doctors and nurses at Johns Hopkins for a pleasant stay. This was Wyatt's longest surgery and quickest stay. He is one of the strongest people I know. He fights and fights and fights!! We thought we may be going home on Monday because today is a Sunday and it's a holiday.. hardly anyone was around. However, the nurse came in about 4pm and asked if we wanted to go home. We were out of there by 6pm. Even though Wyatt got excellent care at Hopkins, it is always nice to be home. He is able to sleep with out interruption and it's just nice to be surrounded by your things. Who could ask for a better Father's Day present? Tomorrow, Chloe and our dog, Abby will be getting delivered to us and then the family will be together again:)

Since we heard we may be going home, Benji rushed home from the hospital to put a second coat of paint on the walls in our family room and to put the room half-way back together again after staying up all night with Wyatt. Then he was cutting the grass when I arrived home with Wyatt. Some way to spend Father's Day... but we will make it up to him soon!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I think I am most worn out from Twittering so much!! I might take a little break from it:)

Learning never stops... not even if you are sick in the hospital. Here is Wyatt practicing his flashcards- numbers and colors-


Laura said...

Wow! Look at this boy! I love that you got a shot of his flirty smile. How wonderful to see him back to normal, even in pictures it is obvious that he is feeling better.

Remarkable recovery! So fast! We all should be so resilient. Way to go Wyatt! Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Great news!

-John, Nicole, Jack and Drew

Stacy K said...

So happy to see that adorable smile. Way to go Wyatt! Such a tough little boy. Glad things went so well for him.