Sunday, August 2, 2009

oh the memories....

On Saturday, we ventured out to the country in Virginia... a ride that we thought would be one and half hours, took three hours, Wyatt's longest car trip. Thanks to my GPS, I was ready to throw it out the window by the time we arrived. Thanks to Facebook, I reunited with a few of my college buddies. We were last all together 13 years ago. My friends Carron and Johanna and our new families (kids and husbands) met at Carron's horse farm- a beautiful, magical place. There we reminisced about the old days, before we had REAL responsibilities. We looked at old pictures and talked about the good times we had together. We started our adventures sophomore year of college when we became RA's together. Residence Life was the best experience for me. Our director John Eccles who is now the Dean of Student Life was the best leader I have ever had. He led through example and taught us the qualities that it took to be a good leader. We also had great fun! We went camping, boating, and went on many retreats. He also took the time to appreciate all his employee's by writing very thoughtful notes. Carron, Johanna, Stacy, Laura, and Whitney and I got to experience this all together which gives us all a very special bond. Carron grew up in Bermuda, so I had the opportunity to go their on Spring Break in college. Another fond memory is Carron's chicken! She lived in a town house in college and would always invite us over for dinner. She made the same thing all the time- bbq chicken and merlot. It was so good! We would just eat chicken and hang out for hours outside talking. Guess what we had on Saturday?? You guessed it! chicken!! Below you will see a "now" picture and pictures of us from college. Oh how we have changed:) but somehow we could pick up just where we left off!! What are best buddies for? Thank you Carron for a great time!!

The gang- Now

Looking at pictures from the past...

Back in 1992-1996

Spring Break pictures... me running on the beach????????? filling up a bucket with ocean water from a cup contest!

Reggae style... me and Carron

me... kissing a sea cucumber!


Danielle said...

Chloe rode Dare Devil?? Did she love it?? She is going to LOVE riding horses in a few years!

Anonymous said...

If that was Devil in that montage (which it sure looked like!), he must be ancient by now, and looks fantastic. I hope you gave him love from all the Easy Riders alums! ~Kara