Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wyatt's Dream Come True

Today Wyatt's dream come true... it's the first time we traveled to Baltimore today with Wyatt and DID NOT go to the doctor or hospital. We saw Sesame Street Live and had the best seats ever. We were directly in the center on the floor and only five rows away from the stage. No one was in front of us but the stage and characters. We were skeptical of how Wyatt was going to take all of this in. It's his first big show with lots of noise, lights, and flashy things. I think he was a little nervous because he would cry whenever everyone applauded or yelled but he was star struck from seeing all the characters in person that he loves. He was mesmerized! Last year we took just Chloe and I felt so bad for not taking Wyatt, but he wasn't ready yet, so I promised myself we would take him the following year. Sesame Street is Wyatt's favorite TV show... I am not a huge fan of TV... in fact Chloe did not watch TV until she was almost two. I am not strict about it, I side tracked her with more fun things to do than watching tv. Wyatt is a different story. Since he was bed-bound for so long and since we don't take him to too many public places because of germs, etc... Watching Sesame Street allows him to travel to different places, see different things, and listen to different sounds with out leaving our house!! We use it like a book and talk about the things we see. In fact he loves Sesame Street so much he demands it about three times a day!! I think watching it has done wonderful things for him. He is counting (in fact, he is suppose to be sleeping and I am listening to him count in his crib)and he is learning shapes, colors, and letters. We do change it up a little and he enjoys watching Super Why and Little Einsteins too. That's about all! Benji and I are seriously considering canceling cable and just using an antenna since we never get to watch TV anymore and basically our kids favorite shows are on public TV which is free!!! Overall we had a great weekend! I want to thank my Mom for spending the night and letting Benji and I go to our neighborhood Back to School Adult only party... it's the first time the both of us went out together in the longest time. The kids also enjoyed going to a kid-friendly football party. Chloe is at the perfect age where she will just go and play with her friends at a party. Overall, nice weekend!

In Chloe words... "The Real Sesame Street!!"

$10.00 balloons which we decided not to buy this year, but opted for the $5.00 cotton candy instead!

Cookie Monster

Watching the show!

Wyatt wearing his Elmo shirt!

Chloe's favorite thing of the show!

This was Wyatt's expression almost the entire time... he didn't know what to think, but I know he loved it because I am listening to him now in his crib saying.. "Ernie, Bert, Elmo...." he should be sleeping!!


Anonymous said...

Next Summer... Sesame Place! Wyatt and Chloe would love it, especially if you purchase the Breakfast with the Charchters - you get into the park an hour before it opens, and to meet and hug everyone!


Amber said...

Looks like a fun family night out!