Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pediatric Surgeon Visit

Today we had an appointment with Wyatt's pediatric surgeon, Dr. A. Wyatt is now becoming comfortable with his doctors and will not cry as much and calls them "doctor." However, I was a little embarrassed when Wyatt called his world-renowned doctor who saved his life- Dr. Phil today!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!! He said, "Hi Dr. Phil!" then started laughing like it was a joke!!! I don't watch Dr. Phil, but after I thought about it, there was a Sesame Street episode that featured Dr. Phil and the puppet was saying the wrong name- Dr. Feel and the real Dr. Phil was correcting him. Wyatt thought it was funny, so I guess he remembered it and wanted to crack a joke today:) Gosh do I love that boy!!! Anyway, below is his recent chest x-ray from Dec. 16th. Good news is that everything is in the right spot! Wyatt has had three reherniations and was patched with three gortex patches, alloderm, and wire which you can see below. Dr. A was very impressed with Wyatt and asked if he could use his chest x-ray pics from birth to recent in a talk that he is giving in Florida. He said again today that Wyatt was one of the worst case living CDH babies he knows about. Also, Wyatt had a CT scan of his pelvis to monitor a cyst that was forming. Another worry I had... but good news it's disappearing!! So Dr. A said he will see us back in a year. Wyatt's next appt. is Dec. 28th for the synigist (RSV)shot, then sleep study on Jan. 3rd. I guess that's life, when I have time off, we go to doctor's appts.

Look at that beautiful diaphragm!


Laura said...

Best Christmas news ever. Beautiful chest pictures! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Laura H.

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)