Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pulmonary Check Up

It's sideways, but here is Wyatt's most recent check x-ray dated 1/21/11.  We just had our pulmonary check up on Friday, so all the results were explained to us.  Bascially it's unchanged from previous x-rays.  It's not a normal chest x-ray, but it's normal to us!!  Here is the report:

" Pulmonary vasculature seems asymmetrical , ie. decrease in the left.  Faint left infrahilar density.  Somewhat blunt left lateral costophrenic angle.  Moderate distention of the lower most portion of the esophagus.  Metallic suture structures projecting to the left lung base.  VP shunt projecting over right hemithorax and right hemiabdomen as far as included.  Transcutaneous enteric tube, tip projecting to the the left upper abdominal quadrant, medially.  Left lower lobe atelectasis, consistent with relative left-sided pulmonary hypoplasia. "

Did you get all that??? 

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