Monday, January 19, 2009

The Game!

Last night we enjoyed watching the Ravens play as a family even though they lost:(( Wyatt is a huge football fan and claps when the fans cheer. His eyes never leave the screen. We made pizza and ate in the family room in front of the TV (which is rare)... we had a picnic!! Chloe had other plans during the game... she decided to have a tea party:)) Such a girly girl! They are already so different from each other. Wyatt is calm, patient, and is an observer. He likes to pull and grab things such as hair, earrings, his sister, etc... Chloe is a little bit more dramatic and never pulled things such as above. It's fun to watch their similarities and differences. At the end of the night, they kiss each other and say I love you and I hope that never changes:)

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