Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baking Cookies

Our nurse is running a marathon in Nashville, so I get to spend more time with Chloe and Wyatt!!! This morning we walked to the grocery store in honor of Earth Day and bought ingredients to make cookies!! Then we went to story time to learn about bears. While Wyatt was napping, Chloe and I made oatmeal raisin cookies. Chloe was such a good little helper... her favorite part was putting the sprinkles on! Very rarely do I get the opportunity to be alone with both of my kids together.... I was always very nervous going out in public with Wyatt and a 2 year old... but it wasn't so bad after all and I enjoyed every second with them today:))

Hopkins called today and said that the MRI and Upper GI series is scheduled... however she said that it's normally an outpatient procedure, but in Wyatt's case the nurses reviewed his records and he will be admitted to the hospital for observation and will probably be in the PICU!! It is scheduled in the beginning of May. Only my boy would be admitted to the hospital for a MRI:))))

By the way... if Kellie, Carter's Mom is reading this... what happened to your blog? I went to read it this evening and it's invitation only and the letters for CDH blog was removed. Feel free to e-mail me:)))

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Anonymous said...

CHLOE FLOWER ISABELLA - I love you!! You are so darn neat. I want to come over and play!!