Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Letters for CDH....

Kellie, Carter's Mom had a great idea. Sadly another baby lost his battle with CDH today- Kaden Alex Kuehl. He fought hard for 17 days on ECMO and was doing great when he got off ECMO until recently. His family is in our prayers. Kellie said exactly how I was feeling from her Angry post. and came up with a wonderful idea to take action!! She formed a blog about her idea so go visit the "idea" blog and show her your support whether you are a CDH parent, a friend of a CDH baby, or just a complete stranger. If you know Oprah... Kellie would also like you to tell her about this idea. We need to increase the survival rate and share CDH with the world... It's not fair that babies that fight so hard like Addison, Maxton, and Kaden lost their battle with CDH. Please visit their blogs to show your support and help Kellie's idea become a reality.

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