Monday, April 20, 2009

Special People

Traveling to a hospital everyday for 5 months and staying all day long, you tend to think of the hospital as your community... many times I had breakfast, lunch, dinner, attended church in the chapel, and socialized with the nurses and other people who worked there. The cleaning lady even formed a bond with Wyatt and somewhere on this blog I have a picture of her. But most importantly, you become close to families in your same position. These families hold a very special bond with you because they see you in all conditions and situations, and they see your child at their most fragile state. We were so lucky to have met two families at Hopkins and have formed a friendship that I hope will last forever. They hold a special place in our heart because they have watched Wyatt grow and develop from being completely depended on life support to who he is today and they have also "been there and done that" too.

This was not planned at all... but a HUGE coincidence that the two families that we have become closest too had doctor appointments for the SAME doctor today- our GI doctor.. Dr. G. The moon must be full... the planets must be aligned for us to first have the same GI doctor and to have appointments at 2:30, 3:00, and 3:30!! The last time we saw the GI doc was 6 month's ago, so for this to happen... I think I am going to play the lottery!!! We are not talking about a little town... this is at Hopkins which is HUGE!!

Drew was Wyatt's neighbor in the NICU on the 2nd floor together and then spent some time together on the 6th floor in the same big room. Drew looks awesome and is doing fabulous!!! He is walking around everywhere!!!

Jack, Wyatt's CDH buddy and his mom Vicki have been our mentors and taught us so much about CDH. Jack looks fantastic and is about Chloe's size now. Jack is also going to be a big brother... Vicki is pregnant with a girl!!!

Thank you to Jack and Drew's family for their support and friendship and for helping to make this entire hospital experience a positive one...

by the way... the appt. was fine... Wyatt needs to keep getting g-tube feeds for 20 hours a day:(( but needs to be increased to 65 mls/hr (5 more) so that he can gain more weight before a potential surgery in June... he also needs an upper GI done very soon. Good news...Wyatt is 10 percent for weight and height. He currently weighs 23lbs 7oz and he was in a great mood the entire day!! We went to the appt. together as a family and even though it was a doctor's appointment, I really enjoyed it. We got to see Drew and Jack and Chloe and Wyatt were so happy all day. We stopped for dinner (which we never do) and it felt like we were a real normal family:)) In the car ride home... Chloe would say Eenie meenie minie ____ and Wyatt would finish the sentence with "mo".. it was so cute that they were truly interacting like brother and sister and they were both laughing so much together. It was a good day!!!

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Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

YAY for good days!!! :) I know what you mean about the other families you meet. We bonded with Carter's NICU roomie's family and still keep in touch with them on a daily basis. It's like membership in a special club that only we can understand.

So glad to hear Wyatt is doing well and growing like a big boy.