Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dr. A, Wyatt's surgeon just came in for an update and said Wyatt is doing fine. He tried doing operation laparoscopic but after a minute he gave up. When he opened Wyatt up it took 2 hours just to "dig" through all the scar tissue to get to his stomach. The hepatic vein was tangled in the past repairs and was accidentally cut. Blood was ordered for a transfusion because their was a potential of a lot of loss. However, Dr. A repaired it with just 100 cc of blood lost (which is apparently good). Wyatt's stomach is very little and very beaten up from being repaired so many times. He is still in surgery (working on part 2) and I will update more later. Dr. A removed Wyatt's g-tube button and placed a new one in. I really liked the button, but this one will have to stay in for 3 months before a cute little button replaces it. Maybe it will keep his stomach down!!! Overall, it is going smoothly.

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