Monday, February 15, 2010


The holiday for love....
We celebrated as a family this evening.

The kids followed hearts on the floor to their presents.
Chloe had red hearts and Wyatt had blue hearts.  At the end- bubbles!!  Our supply of bubbles are gone, so they received more this evening!

Enjoying valentine cards from family

Benji and I always cook a speical meal instead of going out somewhere.  Tonight he made fondue with fontina and gueryere cheese, lemon, garlic, white wine,.... we dipped portabella mushrooms, steak, veggies, and bread.  The wine was picked espeically to match the cheese.  Benji did not pick our typical cheap wine for this dinner!!!   For desert- Chocolate Molton cake- YUM-O

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Anonymous said...

okay, so what was the wine??!! inquiring minds want to know!