Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed In! Double Blizzard 2010

Wyatt started to play with his tractors as I was putting dishes in the dishwasher tonight!  The door is at his level and it's perfect terrian for a tractor!  No one showed him this, he figured it out on his own!
We are still stuck!  The plow guy got stuck trying to plow our driveway!!
He is coming back tomorrow!

Abby enjoying the snow

The birds are eating like crazy!!  I have three feeders and filled them up before the blizzard and they are all almost gone!  It's fun to watch the birds outside our window!

We have two deer that live under the evergreen trees behind us.  So I ventured out there to feed them too!

Everywhere you look in our house, you see white!  It was very bright today!

Chloe even got stuck in the snow!

Wyatt likes to be held in the snow

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Liz and Shane said...

walking in winter wonderland! great pics. Wyatt has the right idea about getting held in the snow. Hope you get a break from all the snow.