Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Endocrinology Update

Wyatt's awesome GI doctor noticed a pattern in Wyatt:  he is not growing like average three year olds.  His growth curve pattern is on a decline from 25%, 5% to 3%.  A healthy three year old should be growing and the curve should stay steady or go upward.  This is not the case with Wyatt.  We recently took Wyatt to see an Endocrinologist who did some extensive blood work and an x-ray of his hand.  We got the results, which indicated we needed more testing:((  Wyatt's blood shows high amounts of Alkaline Phosphatase- and his hand x-ray showed an abnormal growth plate.  What does this mean??  Who knows?  It could indicate malnutrition, which the doctor phased out because his other blood work was fine and we control his nutrients through a feeding tube, which is monitored by a doctor.  It could be trauma to major organs (which could be his case), and many other conditions.  So we need to get more blood work and an x-rays of his hand and kneee.  Wyatt also did not begin to walk until age three, his walk is not a normal walk, and he still has hypotonia (low muscle tone).  The doctor said most endocrine issues are treatable, so we will take each step at a time and deal with whatever is given to us.  It just goes to show that CDH is never ending and I think it's Wyatt's mission to make my head full of gray hair!!!

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